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PLEASE NOTE: All of our data is compiled from 3rd party sources. HJC does not guarantee the accuracy of this information.

Protocol for Determining Demographic Information about Manufactured Home Communities
A significant challenge for advocates is the lack of available demographic information about who lives in manufactured home communities. This data can be a critical tool because through data it is possible to challenge the inaccurate preconceived notions about manufactured home communities that are shared by both policy makers and members of the general public. The directions above, along with this template, will allow you get an idea about the demographics of those living in manufactured home parks in your state.

Manufactured Home Communities Park Licensing Requirements and Information Tools
The ability to use tools such as database and mapping technology is dependent, in large part, on access to reliable data. One method of obtaining data on manufactured home communities (MHC) is through state licensing requirements. This is a brief introduction to how licensing schemes affect the ability of advocates to utilize database and mapping tools.

List of Manufactured Home Parks in Minnesota
This data was compiled from the lists of parks licensed by the Minnesota Department of Health and various county health departments.

Power Point Presentation on Manufactured Home Parks
This presentation was compiled by HJC to help educate community members and affordable housing advocated on manufactured home communities specifically in Minnesota.