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Central Corridor & Affordable Housing
In 2014, the Central Corridor light rail line running between downtown Minneapolis and downtown St. Paul will open, bringing big change to Twin Cities commuters, to development along University Avenue, and to the St. Paul neighborhoods adjoining the line. The competition to live on or near the line is expected to be intense, as interest in living in compact, walkable, transit-oriented urban areas has rapidly multiplied. If development is left to market forces, however, the same lower income households most dependent upon transit are likely be to be left out.
Before The Train.
The Central Corridor Rental Housing Inventory Report
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Resource Library
Information relevant to the planning and development of Central Corridor and other areas of Transit-Oriented Development.
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CCAH Partnership
The Central Corridor Affordable Housing Partnership (CCAHP) consists of a group of community organizations, individuals, and other stakeholders who meet on a regular basis in order to identify strategies to promote affordable housing along Central Corridor.
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