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Foreclosure Relief Law Project
The Project's aim was to identify viable legal and advocacy strategies which can avert foreclosures and keep homeowners in their homes, and which can stabilize neighborhoods by reducing the blighting effects of widespread foreclosures.
Gustafson v. Smith Resource Library
This case centered around a typical equity stripping transaction. The Court found the Defendants violated Minnesota Statute 325N and voided a mortgage that was based upon an illegal foreclosure reconveyance transaction
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Resource Library
FRLP Litigation, Academic Studies, Presentations, and More.
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Gewecke Resource Library
The link below provides a narrative and pleadings in regards to the Defendantsí failure to abide by Minnesota's Foreclosure by Advertisement laws, breach of contract, slander of title, a violation of the Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act, and a violation of the Minnesota Mortgage Servicing Statute.
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HAMP Resource Library
Class action lawsuit filed by FRLP in 2009. Please note that this lawsuit has been dismissed.
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