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Metro Development Group
This coalition of Twin Cities housing advocates was formed by HJC in order to monitor and influence opportunities arising throughout the metro area which either threaten existing affordable housing, or which present major opportunities to create more affordable housing.

For many years, housing advocates have followed affordable housing issues in the central cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, but have largely neglected the suburbs, despite the fact that the suburbs now house a majority of the region's poor, as well as most of the region's jobs and major development opportunities.  This group was formed to rectify that oversight, and also to raise the level of sophistication on advocacy around affordable housing development issues.  Led by HJC and hosted by the Alliance for Metropolitan Stability, other participating groups include the faith-based advocacy groups MICAH and  ISAIAH, the manufactured home park group APAC, tenant-advocates HOME Line, and the Minnesota Housing Partnership.  The group meets monthly to monitor developments metro-wide, and to plan and coordinate advocacy strategies.  For more information, please contact HJC at info@hjcmn.org.